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A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie is a My Journey Book that focuses on Julie Albright.


Only in A Brighter Tomorrow

Present Characters

  • Protagonist: The unnamed protagonist. She and some of her family have recently moved to San Francisco before the events of the book, only a week ago, and have moved into what was Julie's old apartment. She is a skilled basketball player, but having trouble fitting into her new school as the new kid and misses her old home and friends a lot. She travels into the past with the aid of a mood ring that she finds in the window bench seat of her/Julie's bedroom and puts on; it is assumed to be Julie's as it's found with one of her rainbow hair ribbons.
  • Chloe: The best friend of the insertion protagonist, who still lives in Ohio. She has curly red hair. Chloe lived next door to the protagonist until her family moved. The protagonist calls her Chlo-coa Puff and she calls her "Hula Hoop" (because of her basketball skills.)
  • Dad: The protagonist's father. He lost his job over six months ago, which led to arguments with him and Mom; he is currently back in Ohio taking computer training courses to try to find a good job when he arrives in San Francisco and may not arrive there until Christmas.
  • Mom: The protagonist's mother, an architect. She has moved the protagonist and her younger brother to San Francisco after receiving a job offer, and feels that the time apart from her husband is a little "vacation" from each other.
  • Savannah: A quiet classmate of the protagonist. When the protagonist has a sign taped to her back during lunch labeled "Walking Freak Show", Savannah removes it and shows her.
  • Zack: The younger brother of the protagonist, age seven. He has curly brown hair which he twirls when he's anxious.

Opening and Potential Plot Events

The protagonist is sitting on her window seat, looking out at the view. She closes her eyes and attempts to re-imagine the view from her old house's window seat when she's interrupted by Zack, who admits he's missing Dad and their old house. Despite having her own worries (And missing Stella, her best friend), the protagonist insists Dad will be joining them soon and that San Francisco was their home now. When Luke asks if their parents will get divorced, the protagonist ignores him and pretends to look outside. She recalls the moment she, Luke and Mom drove away from their old house, recalling not being able to comfort Luke as she wasn't sure if everything will work out.

About Julie's Time


  1. The protagonist sees a calendar pinned to the wall in Gladrags.
  2. Pg. 27. Julie has recently submitted her petition to play on the boys' basketball team to Principal Sanchez after it was thrown away by Coach Manley. He is still consulting the school board. This is during Chapter Six when Julie does not know yet if she is on the team and after Julie and Ivy's fight that they have made up from.

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