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A Bundle of Trouble is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Rebecca's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Noise in the Night

Chapter Two: New Neighbors

Chapter Three: Who is That Boy?

Chapter Four: The Girl in the Park

Chapter Five: A Dreadful Mistake

Chapter Six: A Desperate Search

Chapter Seven: A Terrible Crime

Chapter Eight: Trouble at Home

Chapter Nine: Kidnapper on the Loose

Chapter Ten: Midnight Encounter

Chapter Eleven: Up to No Good?

Chapter Twelve: Showdown!

Chapter Thirteen: A Confession

Chapter Fourteen: Brave and Bold as a Queen

Chapter Fifteen: So Much to Celebrate

Looking Back

Discusses the household duties of young girls in 1914. Topics include:

  • The expectation that daughters would help their mothers with childcare
  • The role boys played in contributing to the household
  • Activities boys may have participated in, such as playing pranks on neighbors
  • Awareness of child kidnappings among families, even in good neighborhoods
  • Expectations kidnappers demanded from families of kidnapped children, such as monetary ransoms
  • Immigrant traditions to ward off misfortune, such as wearing corno charms among Italian families
  • Sukkot, a Jewish holiday of thanksgiving

Glossary of Italian Words

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