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A Smart Girl's Guide to Starting Middle School is a book with tips and facts for girls going into middle school.



The book is split into six different categories each with tips and quizzes related to the subject.

Fresh Start

  • Quiz: How do you Deal? Find out how well you deal with change.
  • Picture yourself
  • Rise 'n Shine
  • Mini quiz: Good Morning?: find out what your school mornings are like.
  • "What do I wear?"
  • Getting there: questions from girls about arriving late for middle school.
  • Before you go...

New School

  • Getting around
  • Your locker
  • Moving in: What to put in your locker and leave out.
  • Pack perfect
  • Take a seat: the best and worst seats to have in a classroom.


  • Teacher types
  • First impressions
  • Got a question?
  • Teacher troubles

Subject Matters

  • Class notes: Explains and gives tips about different classes in middle school.
  • Keep it together
  • "Why do I have so much homework?"
  • Just do it
  • Excuses, excuses
  • Test time
  • Making the grade
  • "Whadja get?": tips on handling grade competition among friends.
  • To cheat or not to cheat?


  • Friendless?
  • Fading Friendships
  • Make new friends
  • Join the Crowd?
  • Tough Times: how to deal with bullies
  • The school dance

After School

  • Quiz: What's your passion?
  • Get psyched for tryouts
  • Chill out
  • How much is too much?
  • Stressed out?
  • Commit or quit?
  • You can do this!: quotes from girls about how they feel about middle school now.


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