Addy's Ice Cream Set.

Addy's Ice Cream Set was introduced to Addy's Collection in 2008 and retired in 2015. Retail cost was $68.

Ice Cream Freezer

Wooden old-style ice cream maker. Wooden barrel with metal and wood handle. Removable inner metal well with dasher and lid. Metal and wood crank handle. Wooden crosspiece to hook over inner well.

Pie and Tin

Cherry pie in metal pie tin.

Pie Server

Metal distressed pie server with off-white handle.

Ice Cream and Pie

Two slices of pie with attached scoops of home-made vanilla ice cream.


Two white porcelain bowls. Gold trim at rim.


Two stainless steel forks.


Three white lace crochet doilies.


White round ceramic vase.


Bouquet of multicolored flowers for vase.


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