Addy's Surprise is the third book in the Addy series.



Only in Addy's Surprise

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Winds of Winter

Chapter Two: Something Pretty

Chapter Three: Freedom Ain't Free

Chapter Four: The Cost of Freedom

Chapter Five: Christmas Surprises

Looking Back: Christmas in 1864

Discusses the Christmas season during the Civil War. Topics covered:

  • Families who worried for members fighting in the war or were separated from relatives due to slavery.
  • Ways families in the North and South celebrated Christmas, despite wartime shortages.
  • Changes in holiday cooking wartime shortages caused in the South.
  • Charlotte Forten's Christmas visit to Philadelphia in 1864.
  • The holiday fairs Philadelphia's Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church ran to help support the Black men who were joining up during the last years of the war.
  • Soldiers receiving gifts from their families that contained holiday treats or homemade socks.
  • Slaves celebrating the Christmas season by receiving small gifts from their masters and being allowed to visit friends and relatives on other plantations, with the last day being called "heartbreak day".
  • The signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, that had freed slaves in most parts of the South, though the South ignored it.
  • Celebrations for the Proclamation in Northern states shortly after it was signed.
  • Juneteenth being celebrated for being one of the days slaves had first heard about the Proclamation.
  • The creation of Kwanzaa in 1966 to honor the African heritage of black Americans.

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