Addy's Winter Fun.

Addy's Winter Fun set was introduced to Addy's Collection in 1993 and later retired. The items are associated to the story Changes for Addy. Original retail cost was $18.

Mancala Set

A set to play a doll sized version of mancala.


A 6.5" x 2" wooden board with ten small cups in two rows and two oval pits at the end.


Small (2.25" * 1.5") bag with attached strings to tie bag closed.


Forty-five small plastic beans (there are more than are needed for game play).


A pamphlet going over the history of mancala and the set up and rules for playing Ba-awa mancala.


Small thumb piano with eight metal keys of varying lengths. This is also known as a mbira. It comes with an instruction manual explaining how to adjust the keys with a standard Phillips screwdriver.


A set of eight stiff backed cards with a painting and a wooden box for storage. The underside of the lid of the box explains the purpose--to move the pictures around to make multiple images of a single landscape.

Pamphlet Scans

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