Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story is the second book in the Addy series.




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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A New Home

Chapter Two: Freedom?

Chapter Three: Tested

Chapter Four: The Lines Are Drawn

Chapter Five: The Spelling Match

Looking Back: School in 1864

Discusses the education of African Americans during the Civil War. Topics covered:

  • The many African Americans who learned to read and write despite the difficulties they faced.
  • Southern Whites not wanting Blacks to read and write, for fear that they'll read about freedom in the North and write passes that would say they were free to leave their plantations.
  • Punishments for those who were caught educating Blacks and the Blacks who were taught how to read and write.
  • The secret lessons Black children in the South took to educate themselves.
  • Masters who would educate their slaves despite the laws-some slave owner's wives and children even taught slaves themselves without the owner knowing.
  • The segregation of schools in the 1860s, with some public schools being so poor that some Black parents would send their children to other small schools with better conditions.
  • Subjects students studied in school and the songs children sang to stay patriotic during the Civil War.
  • The rising demand for African American teachers, prompting many to attend Philadelphia's Institute for Colored Youth, America's first high school for Black students.
  • The creation of freedman schools to help educate newly freed slaves in the South, with many schools being set up wherever space was available.
  • The high success of freedman schools, despite the anger and threats from those who believed African Americans should remain uneducated.

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