Molly's After-School Outfit

The After-School Outfit (also known as Molly's After-School Outfit) was introduced to Molly's Collection in 1991 and retired in 2006. The outfit is generally shown with the Classic Brown Oxfords. Retail cost was $20.


Blue long-sleeved plaid flannel shirt with buttons up the front and velcro at wrists. The plaid is predominantly blue and green with some white and red stripes. The shirt goes down to the hips but is generally intended to be worn tucked inside the slacks.


Molly's After-School Outfit in the Wishes catalog.


Blue corduroy slacks. Velcro at one side with buttons for trim; women's and girl's pants fastened on the side in the 1940s.

Hair bows

Two matching dark navy hairbows.


  • Like Samantha and her Play Dress and Pinafore, Molly's is referred to as a play outfit because she would have had a much more casual lifestyle than girls earlier in history and would not have had labor intensive chores; therefore her outfit is more designed for playing in so that nicer clothing won't get dirty.
  • Molly, like Kit Kittredge, is one of the earliest girls who would have worn pants at all. However, pants were not considered proper day-to-day wear for women and girls and would have only been worn for play and work. Girls were still expected to wear dresses or skirts to school.

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