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Emerson, Camille, Ashlyn, Willa, and Kendall of the Wellie Wishers

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American Girl Wiki News!
June 23, 2016 / Wellie Wishers, Truly Me, and Melody
The Wellie Wishers make their debut with their collection. Here is a rundown of what's available:
To promote the line's debut, all Wellie Wisher items are eligible for free shipping from now until July 31st.
The Wellie Wishers' three books will be released in September, though you can read previews on the Wellie Wishers portal on
The Truly Me line got a lot of new stuff:
American Girl has also made it a little easier to purchase a bald doll on their online store, though you will still need to call their customer service department to start the process.
Bitty Baby got only two outfits:
The BeForever line got nothing, though Melody's second volume and My Journey Book is now available, which means you can now get Melody's 3-book set if you held out on the first volume. The doll itself will be released in August this year.
It also appears that the Bitty Twins are on their way to retirement as related outfits and accessories are gone and only the dolls remain purchasable at the time of this writing.
No matter how exciting it is to see new items from American Girl, the rules of the wiki are the same: write well-written contributions for new or existing articles, and if someone comes in and removes or edits your work, don't be a drama queen. We don't tolerate poor writing or behavior, and if something needs to be debated, use that article's talk page.
--AkaiKaze, the Other Admin
June 17th, 2016 / Lea Collections and Free Shipping
With the release of Lea's movie Lea To the Rescue, new bundles have been released. Each of these include the BluRay/DVD bundle of Lea To the Rescue.
There is also free shipping on all items in Lea's collection. This started June 14th and will continue through June 20th; free shipping on the movie is through the end of the year.
Nethilia, The Admin
June 16th, 2016 / Wellie Wishers Release Date and Final Character Name Confirmations
American Girl has released a preview for the Wellie Wishers line. The launch weekend is June 23-26th at all American Girl stores, and June 23 at the website, giving a short launch time. and included examples include additional outfits, playsets, and girl sized clothing based on the five main characters, including clear wellies (rainboots) and socks.
What does this bode for the release of Melody? So far, it's likely she'll be later this summer. As for the Bitty Twins, no information on their remaining is available at this time. We don't rumor mill, folk.
ETA: A prerelease article from Good Housekeeping has confirmed each of the Wellie Wishers; the last two are:
  • Kendall is the Black girl.
  • Camille is the blonde haired White girl.
Nethilia, The Admin
May 23, 2016 / More on the Wellie Wishers and New Books

Meet Willa, a Wellie Wisher Girl!

More information has been released on the Wellie Wishers, including that the name of the line may possibly be all one word (but this has not been confirmed). Three book titles have been released: Ashlyn's Unsurprise Party, The Muddily-Puddily Show, and The Riddle of the Robin. The books show a publication date of September.
Names have also been confirmed for at least three of the characters by the book descriptions and illustrations.
  • Willa is the red headed White girl.
  • Ashlyn is the tan brown-haired girl whose race is currently unspecified.
  • Emerson is the East Asian appearing girl with black hair.
Camille and Kendall have yet to be fully confirmed.
Nethilia, The Admin
ETA: Also showing on are two more overarching books:
Apr 28, 2016 / Small Mid-Spring Release

A small early spring release completes Lea's collection and adds to the Truly Me and Bitty Baby Lines.

For Lea's Collection:

For girls (inspired by Lea's collection):

For the Truly Me line:

For Bitty Baby:


Still nothing for the Bitty Twins, and nothing for BeForever at present.
Nethilia, The Admin

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Wellie Wishers

The Wellie Wishers is the newest product line from American Girl.

The Wellie Wishers are a group of five individual girls who each have the same big, bright wish: to be a good friend.

Read more about the Wellie Wishers on their article page!
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