The American Girl Ultimate Visual Guide is a compilation book about American Girl focusing on the history and several characters created by American Girl.



Meet American Girl


Girl of the Year

Truly Me

Additional Information

  • Meet The Team:
  • Glossary
  • Index

Costco Release


The cover of the Expanded Guide.

Through Costco, an Expanded Edition was released. The extended version includes all the information of the wide release, as well as the following:

  • A cover that unfolds into a poster showing the BeForever/Historical Characters, Girls of the Year, and some Truly Me Dolls and outfits
  • Creating a Character: Data on how characters are created and researched.
  • Interview with Valerie Tripp
  • Doll Care: Data on cleaning and caring for AG dolls.
  • BeForever History: A timeline of the Historical and BeForever Characters
  • Press-Out Pets and Accessories

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