AndTiaraGoesTo titlecard

The title screenshot for And the Tiara Goes To....

And the Tiara Goes To... is a BeForever short film focusing on Julie Albright.



  • Director and Producer - Melissa Hoppe
  • Writer - Lisa Kohn
  • Composer - Nami Melumad
  • Editor - Steven Wang
  • Production Design - Sarah Cole
  • Director of Photography - Daniella Nowitz


Digital Release

The movie was released on American Girl's YouTube channel on November 12, 2015.

Items Associated With the Movie


  • The pageant in the short film is advertised to be held on October 5th, a Saturday. The only year for October 5th to fall on a Saturday is 1974. As a result, the timing places the short film well before the events of Julie's Central Series.



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