Annabelle Cole is Elizabeth Cole's older sister.



Annabelle is very snobby, arrogant, and proper to a fault. She feels that everything in England is better than it is in the colonies. She constantly belittles both Felicity and Elizabeth in their classes at Miss Manderly's. She calls Elizabeth "Bitsy", a name which the latter despises. She is a fierce Loyalist and believes the Patriot cause is not only wrong but foolishness. Despite this, she has a crush on Benjamin Davidson, and Felicity and Elizabeth exploit this to make fun of her. They also call her "Banannabelle" behind her back.

Annabelle is sixteen years old in Very Funny, Elizabeth.

In the Books

Felicity Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Felicity's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Happy Birthday, Felicity!: A Springtime Story

Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story

Felicity's Dancing Shoes

Traitor in Williamsburg

Very Funny, Elizabeth

In the Film

Annabelle's role in the film does not change significantly from the books. However, her family's higher social class adds one more aspect to Annabelle's snobbery and arrogance towards Felicity.

At the Templetons' Christmas ball, Annabelle tries to dance with Benjamin Davidson, having been intentionally misinformed by Elizabeth that he was the son of a very wealthy Loyalist. Ben is unable to dance with Annabelle, and she leaves Ben on the ballroom floor.

Annabelle was played by Juliet Holland-Rose.

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