Archibald Beemis is a friend and later husband to Grandmary, Samantha Parkington's grandmother.



In The Books

Samantha Saves The Day: A Summer Story

Samantha reveals that every summer, the Admiral proposes to Grandmary, and she says no. Even so, he tries again the next year.

When Samantha, Agnes, and Agatha are stuck at Teardrop Island. He sails after them and gets badly injured. Then Samantha leads the way back to safety at Piney Point in the admiral's boat.

The Stolen Sapphire

The Cry of the Loon

Archibald Beemis commissions an artist, Arthur Porterfield, to paint three pictures as a birthday present to Grandmary.

Clue in the Castle Tower

Danger in Paris

The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha

In the Film

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