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Asian Mold
The Asian mold as seen on JLY#4
Year introduced 1995
First used on Just Like You 4
Unique? yes

The Asian Mold was the third face mold created for the American Girl Doll line. It was released in 1995 and retired in 2011; it was only used for Just Like You 4.


The most distinguishing characteristic of the Asian face mold are the perceivably thinner and tilted eye sockets that are intended to visually direct a doll's ethnicity as East Asian. The nose is wider than the Classic Mold, although not as wide as the Addy Mold or Sonali Mold. The mold has a rounded chin and full cheeks.

Dolls with the Asian mold

American Girl of Today, Just Like You, and My American Girl


  • This is currently the only face mold to be completely retired by American Girl.

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