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BeForever Characters at launch of the line.

BeForever is a remarketing of the Historical Characters by American Girl that launched in 2014.

The rebranding is a marketing change to encourage making the historical characters relevant to a new generation of the target audience. Methods include tying the characters to the ways that girls have remained the same through history and had the same feelings and ideas, and to market the characters as companions or friends to the target audience.

BeForever Initial Changes

  • Samantha Parkington was rereleased with a new meet outfit.
  • Original Meet Outfits for Addy Walker, Julie Albright, Rebecca Rubin, Kit Kittredge, and Josefina Montoya were retired and replaced with new versions. [1]
  • Some dolls were slightly modified from the prior looks, e.g. Kit was given a slightly more angled bob, and Addy's eyebrows changed shape.
  • The Central Series books were rebundled into two volumes--the Classic Series--that contained three books and chaptered to make the three books included read closer to a single volume book.
  • The cover images were edited to appear more photo-realistic.
  • All internal illustrations in books were removed.
  • Text in books was changed tweaked, or edited in small capacities. This was generally either to describe new meet outfits where older had been talked about (e.g. Rebecca's dress style) or to add transitions between what had previously been "books", e.g. Between the original text of Samantha Saves the Day and Changes for Samantha several paragraphs are inserted that explicitly state that Mary Edwards married Archibald Beemis and Samantha has moved to New York to live with her aunt and uncle.
  • Looking Back was renamed to Inside _______'s World and reduced to about two pages per volume, focusing on the overall era with small specific highlights, instead of precise details targeted to the topic for each book.
  • My Journey Books, gamebooks set in the time of the characters as time-travel adventures, were released.[2]
  • Prior to launch the two remaining Best Friend Characters, Ivy Ling and Ruthie Smithens, were retired.
  • Prior to launch Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner's collection was retired.
  • Child-sized clothing inspired by historical meet outfits were released.
  • Several color alignments were reconfigured; for example, Addy's books are now coded blue instead of burnt orange, while Kaya's are now red instead of light blue.

Timeline of BeForever


In early 2014, information was seen on the American Girl Publishing site that showed the rebranding of the Historical Characters as "BeForever." American Girl's official Facebook page initially announced the rerelease of Samantha; later, the announcement came of the rebranding of the remaining Historical Characters.

Over the course of the year, American Girl released quizzes, videos, and previews of new outfits and items for the character's collections.

BeForever was launched August 28th, 2014.


In Spring 2015, American Girl announced the first BeForever exclusive character, Maryellen Larkin. She was released in August, approximately a year after the initial BeForever launch. At the same time, Caroline was officially retired.


In January, No Ordinary Sound, the first book for the second BeForever exclusive character, Melody Ellison, was released, officially announcing her. That February, American Girl announced the doll's look and some items through CBS. Her other two books were released in June, and the doll and her collection in August.

BeForever Characters

BeForever Historical Characters



Felicity Merriman


Caroline Abbott *


Josefina Montoya


Addy Walker


Samantha Parkington


Rebecca Rubin


Kit Kittredge


Maryellen Larkin


Melody Ellison


Julie Albright

* Archived


  1. While the original meet outfits were temporarily available to buy--much like Felicity Merriman after her change in meet outfit--they were not available to purchase on a new doll anymore.
  2. Josefina Montoya is the exception, as she only had her rebundled volumes at launch.

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