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Blueberry Clogs

The Blueberry Clogs are My American Girl shoes released in 2011 and retired in 2014. Retail cost was $14.


Clogs have thick brown molded plastic soles, white plastic insoles, and dark blue uppers lined with white knit fabric.

Soles are textured on the bottom. Notch divides heels and front of soles. American Girl logo and "Made in China" stamped on sole at notch. Insoles lie level to the floor; heels are not higher than toes as in standard heeled shoes.

Light blue vine, flowers, and butterfly embroidered on outer sides of uppers. Band of dark blue fabric covers seam between soles and uppers. Silver embroidery on band simulates rivets fastening upper to sole. Flocked blue elastic extends from upper around back of doll's foot.

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