ButterflyBrocadeOutfit Big

The Butterfly Brocade Outfit as seen on Just Like You 14.

The Butterfly Brocade Outfit was a Just Like You outfit released in 2005 and retired in 2006. Retail cost was $24.


Turquoise brocade knee-length cheongsam. Short sleeves. Brocade of vines, butterflies and Chinese symbols. Mandarin collar. Faux qipao-style opening with three silver non-functioning buttons. Dark blue satin trim on hem and sleeves.


Turquoise satin slip on sandals. Toe strap gathered with silver butterflies.


Turquoise satin purse. Silver butterfly "clasp" over snap closure. Twisted rope strap.


Beaded bracelet. Two rows of turquoise beads with center row of white and green beads. Magnetic clasp.


Six pairs of reusable stick-on earrings: four blue pairs and two clear pair.


ButterflyBrocadeDress girls

The Butterfly Brocade Dress for girls.

Two blue mirrored hairsticks. Engraved butterflies with swirls.


Six black bobby pins.


Instructions on how to use hairsticks in hair.

Dress Like Your Doll

The girl's dress was available for $48.

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