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Cécile's Gift is the sixth book in the Marie-Grace and Cécile series.



Only in Cécile's Gift

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Great Things

Chapter Two: An Invitation

Chapter Three: Just the Wrong Thing

Chapter Four: Gifts and Dreams

Chapter Five: La Célébration

Chapter Six: So Long for Now

Looking Back: Recovering from Disaster 1853

Discusses how communities worked together to help the needy in the 1800s. Topics covered:

  • The lack of government or national assistance groups in the 1850s for disaster-stricken cities and towns
  • Recovery efforts by religious organizations and businesses
  • New problems and crises following the aftermath of the 1853 yellow fever epidemic, such as caring for newly orphaned children
  • Henriette Delille, who founded the Sisters of the Holy Family to assist orphaned girls of color
  • Margaret Haughery, another woman who established orphanages for the orphans of New Orleans
  • Local efforts to keep the orphanages in operation, such as charity benefits and fundraisers
  • Common benefit performances such as plays, concerts, and poetry recitations
  • Nationwide news coverage of New Orleans' recovery from the yellow fever epidemic
  • New Orleans as a leading cultural city in the United States and the creation of jazz music in the early 20th century
  • The culinary cuisine of New Orleans
  • New Orleans as a city today

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References and Footnotes

  1. Cécile's letter at the end of Chapter 6.

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