Captain of the Ship: A Caroline Classic Volume 1 is a bound book of the first three books of Caroline's Central Series. It was included with the Caroline doll when purchased; with the collection's archival, it can be purchased separately.

Stories Included

Changes and Added Transitions

  • Throughout the volume, at the start of transition chapters (where each book would start) the month and year are listed e.g. June 1812.
  • Caroline's Secret Message, Chapter One: Home Again (now Chapter Seven) has several transitional paragraphs about how Caroline spends the summer helping her grandmother and mother, and how the weather shifts towards fall; there is also a mention of pumpkin harvests and how she worries on her father's return.
  • A Surprise for Caroline, Chapter One: Winter Wishes (now Chapter Twelve) has several transitional paragraphs on winter arriving; that there had been no word from Papa; how Lydia's family has moved in with the Abbots and intend to start a new farm in New York in the spring; and details more about the present for Amelia that Caroline, Rhonda, and Lydia are putting together.

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