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The cover of Caroline's Play Scenes and Paper Dolls

Caroline's Play Scenes and Paper Dolls is a set of paper dolls focusing on Caroline Abbott. It was released in 2012.


  • Caroline comes in a shift, stays, and pantaloons.
  • Lydia Livingston comes in a shift, stays, and pantaloons.
  • Inkpot


  • Blue nautical themed trunk and drawers

Outfits and Accessories Represented



  • Lydia's Turquoise Dress
  • Lydia's Summer Dress


  • Bonnet; purse
  • Fancy Purse
  • Candle in low holder
  • Tin Cup
  • Food Basket
  • Flower Basket
  • Jar w/ Flowers
  • Bread loaves
  • Inkwell and quill
  • Model boat
  • Doll
  • Plate
  • Slate and slate pencil
  • Boat painting
  • Teapot and Teacup
  • Sewing/Fashion book
  • Sewing Basket
  • Lantern
  • Embroidery of Lake Ontario


  • Two Windows for Parlor
  • Rug
  • Candle shelf
  • Work Cabinet
  • Writing Desk
  • Curtain Drape
  • Candle in Taller Holder
  • Basket of Vegetables
  • Vanity w/ Mirror
  • Fire for fireplace
  • Fireplace tools
  • Bedwarmer
  • Couch
  • Fire Screen
  • End table with glass and book
  • Fancy Chair
  • Simple Chair
  • Globe on Stand
  • Fancy Chair at Table

Background Scenes


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