Caroline's Travel Basket.

Caroline's Travel Basket was introduced to Caroline's Collection in 2012 and retired in 2015 with Caroline's archival. It is associated with the book Caroline's Secret Message. Retail cost was $32.


Woven brown reed rectangular carrying basket. Handle is woven attached and does not move. Diamond weaving pattern on handle-to-basket attachment. Slightly curved bottom.


Items separated.

Gingerbread Cakes

Five tan circular gingerbread cakes with slight rough texture.


Two red apples. Molded brown stems.


Embroidered close up map of eastern Lake Ontario and surrounding lands in black (water outlines), green (for lands), and blue (for water) threads. Upper left has "Our Home: Caroline" surrounded by black, red, and gold thread. Includes compass rose, labeling of Lake Ontario, Kingston, and Sackets Harbor. Hemmed edges and gold embroidered trim.


Cloth white napkin. Blue lines running in pairs of twos perpendicular to create large-pattern checks.

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