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Caroline Takes a Chance is the fourth book in the Caroline series.


Only in Caroline Takes a Chance

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Spring Adventure

Chapter Two: A Desperate Race

Chapter Three: Seth's Decision

Chapter Four: Into the Woods

Chapter Five: At the Fish Camp

Looking Back: Getting Around in 1812

Discusses transportation and medicine practices during the 1810s. Topics covered:

  • Danger and difficulties involved with traveling
  • Native Americans' presence in the frontier
  • Limited options for travelers in major American cities of the time, and even more limited options for people living in rural areas
  • Weather-related risks travelers faced when sailing by ship, especially during winter
  • Traveling by water as the preferred form of travel, in spite of weather risks
  • Risks people faced traveling by road, primarily isolation and lack of communication in case of trouble - road travel was only done in the winter, when roads and rivers froze
  • The slow pace of news, and mail as a big event in towns
  • The role post walkers played in getting news and mail to outlying farms and villages
  • The ease at which people could get lost or attacked by wild animals in the forest near Sackets Harbor
  • Plants and other natural material from forests needed to make medicine to treat ill and injured family members
  • Continued remedies still in use to the present day

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References and Footnotes

  1. Caroline's Battle, pg. 2: "No, he escaped!" Caroline bounced on her toes. "[...] I found him at his old fish camp! And I helped him walk home last night." The first chapter of Caroline's Battle begins on May 27, 1813.

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