Changes for Kirsten is the sixth book in the Kirsten series.


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Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: On the Trap Line

John Steward insists that Kirsten cannot come with them because trapping is work for boys, not girls. But Kirsten's brother Lars tells him that Kirsten knows the forest and its animals and should therefore come to help them. John argues that trapping, opening traps and taking out animals is dangerous work. Lars says that Kirsten will help carry the pelts home since John himself said that they bring someone along just yesterday. John would still rather Kirsten stay behind.

Even though it is very cold and will get colder as the afternoon goes on, Kirsten wants to go with them since she is tired of working in the small cabin. Lars points out that Kirsten can spot beaver holes, racoons, muskrat and fox tracks. John looks down at Kirsten and asks what she would do if they found a live beaver in a trap as it might bite her. Kirsten firmly insists that she would stay back in that case. John reluctantly agrees that Kirsten can go with them, but that she won't be able to ever come again if she is trouble. Kirsten agrees. Lars says that they should go since they have a long way to walk before dark.

John is the brother of Kirsten's friend Mary and Kirsten wonders why John doesn't want to be her friend as well. They strap on their snowshoes and Lars takes his rifle.

They will check the traps, skin the animals, dry the fur pelts and then sell them. Normally the grown up men would do these things, but the men are gone for the winter to work in a logging camp. Kirsten thinks that it is awful that her father is gone.

Chapter Two: Fire!

Chapter Three: Good News?

Chapter Four: Old Jack

Chapter Five: Welcome Home

Looking Back: Changes for America in 1854

Discusses changes for pioneer America. Topics covered:

  • Increasing number of people moving out west, starting new farms and towns
  • Railroads that served as links between cities and farms across America
  • The start and growth of mail-order businesses due to the advent of railroads
  • Magazines as a form of entertainment and news
  • New farming equipment that allowed farmers to grow and produce more food
  • The employment of farm helpers to work on farms too large for a family to run by themselves
  • Little change in women's workload on the farm despite new technology of the time, such as cast-iron stoves, water pumps, and sewing machines

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  1. Pg. 48-49 Papa wrote, ...Make our new house ready. I'll be home in April!

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