Changes for Samantha is the sixth book in the Samantha series.



Only in Changes for Samantha

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A New Home

Chapter Two: Searching for Nellie

Chapter Three: Coldrock House

Chapter Four: Runaways!

Chapter Five: Together

Looking Back: Changes for America in 1904

Discusses changes for turn of the century America. Topics include:

  • The rising popularity of trains, airplanes, and automobiles at the turn of the century.
  • Which kind of jobs newly arrived immigrants could get when they arrived, and how these new immigrants were able to find newer opportunities in America.
  • How the education of women changed from Grandmary's day up to the 1900s, with many more women tackling jobs that were once held for men.
  • Jane Addams, who founded a settlement house called Hull House, which helped new immigrants in Chicago learn English and trained them for work.
  • The new appliances and technology that a common woman would have in her household, and why it was becoming harder for people to find new servants.
  • How fashions were beginning to change for women, including the shortening of skirts and the discontinuation of corsets.

Book Covers

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