Charlotte Campbell is the third grade teacher of Willow Street School and Molly McIntire's teacher.


Charlotte had a fiancé who was a soldier; he is killed during the war.

In the Books

Molly Learns a Lesson: A School Story

As Ms. Campbell teaches the class, Molly thinks about how pretty she is, and she dreams that Ms. Campbell will have Molly be the flower girl for her wedding. Ms. Campbell interrupts Molly's dream as she continues her lesson on why England and America are working together during the war. She starts off the multiplication bee and asks Molly what eight times seven is. When Molly gets it wrong, Ms. Campbell tells her she needs to work harder on her multiplication. Allison wins the bee and Ms. Campbell tells her she's proud of her, leaving Molly upset. She announces the 'Lend-a-Hand' contest and Molly strives to think of an idea that will impress her teacher. In the end when the girl's projects are handed in, she tells the newspaper she was surprised and very proud of them all.

Changes for Molly: A Winter Story

Molly and the Movie Star

Molly's A+ Partner

Brave Emily

In the Film

Miss Campbell is played by Sarah Manninen.

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