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Circle of Fire[1] was the fourteenth book in the History Mysteries series.


  • Mendy Anna Thompson
  • Jeffrey Whitehall
  • Mama Thompson
  • Papa Thompson
  • Lil' Ben Thompson
  • John, Clara, Morris, Lilly and Sam Thompson (mentioned only)
  • Aunt Sis
  • Mr. Horton
  • Mrs. Roosevelt

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Mendy's Taj Mahal

Chapter Two: Peas in a Pod

Chapter Three: Trespassers

Chapter Four: Daddy's News

Chapter Five: The Perfect Plan

Chapter Six: Trouble with a Capital T

Chapter Seven: Circle of Fire

Chapter Eight: Revelations

Chapter Nine: More Bad News

Chapter Ten: All Alone

Chapter Eleven: The Road to Monteagle

Chapter Twelve: Wild Trapper

A Peak into the Past


  1. The book's working title was Intruders in Mendy's Country

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