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Create Your Own is an upcoming line to be released by American Girl, allowing for a variety of 18" custom dolls through them directly. Unlike the other modern line of Truly Me, this line allows purchasers to design unique dolls themselves.



Images of possible dolls from the Create Your Own Line


The line is to be released at the end of July 2017 and will be available primarily online.

For a purchase cost of $200, the purchaser receives:

  • The complete customized doll
  • One line-exclusive outfit
  • One line-exclusive accessory set
  • A self-designed T shirt
  • A line-exclusive Keepsake storage box
  • A six-month (three-issue) Subscription to American Girl Magazine

This is all sent with free shipping.

Doll Customization Options Available

Face Molds In Use

Eye Colors

Hair Colors

Hair Styles

Freckling, Ear Piercing, Hearing Aids, Glasses

Any doll can be designed with freckles, ear piercing and earrings, and have glasses and hearing aids placed.


Accessory Sets

Design Studio

American Girl Place's Truly Me Signature Studio will also be available online (and remain exclusive on-site to locations in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles). Custom doll-sized outfits, girl's shirts, and doll carriers can be designed. The outfits are printed on cloth.

See Also

  • Truly Me, the non-customization modern line.

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