Danger at the Zoo is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Kit's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Dream Come True

Chapter Two: Trouble at the Zoo

Chapter Three: Instincts

Chapter Four: Trouble at Home

Chapter Five: Detective Work

Chapter Six: The Black Market

Chapter Seven: A Stranger in the Shadows

Chapter Eight: Secrets

Chapter Nine: Planning a Stakeout

Chapter Ten: Danger at the Monkey House

Chapter Eleven: A Reunion

Chapter Twelve: The Whole Story

Looking Back

Discusses the Cincinnati Zoo during the Great Depression. Topics covered:

  • How people looked forward to reading articles about the Zoo, rather than reading about the Depression and workers that would lose their jobs.
  • Events people might have experienced at the Zoo, such as the animal exhibits, plays, and operas, or entertainment such as concerts and picnics.
  • The zoo's monkey house, which had been the home of Susie, a wild-born gorilla that was captured in Africa as a baby, displayed in Europe, and then flown over to America.
  • Sol Stephan, who was not only dedicated to the Cincinnati Zoo, but had also believed that animals should be trained with established trust rather than with whips and fear.
  • Sol Stephan's contributions to the Zoo, such as inviting schoolchildren from public schools to study animals and establishment of the Zoo Guides program for the Boy Scouts
  • The prediction Sol Stephan had about cageless exhibits being the norm for zoos in the future, stating these exhibits were both visually attractive and good for the animals.


  1. Pg. 4-5: "Today is Thursday, June twentieth..." [Mr. Gibson] squinted at a calendar. "Get your first piece here on Monday, July first." The dates correspond to June and July 1935 respectively.