Dream Big Bedding Set

The Dream Big Bedding Set is an American Girl of Today accessory released in 2004 and retired in 2005. It was a complementary accessory set to the Three-in-One Bed. Retail cost was $26.



Pillow Case





The matching accessory set was available; the curtain was converted into a canopy set. A reversible pillow sham was also available as a complement to the bedcover.

  • Reversible bedcover: $88
  • Sheet set: $88
  • Reading pillow: $24
  • Reversible pillow sham: $24
  • Canopy set: $68
DreamBigBedcover stars

Bedcover showing the stars.

DreamBigBedcover print

Bedcover showing the print.

DreamBigSheetSet girls

Sheet set.

DreamBigReadingPillow girls

Reading pillow.

DreamBigPillowSham stars

Pillow sham showing the stars.

DreamBigPillowSham print

Pillow sham showing the print.

DreamBigCanopySet girls

Canopy set.

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