Elsa is a maid who works in Samantha Parkington's home in Mount Bedford.

Basic Facts

Family and Relationships

Personality and Facts

Elsa is characterized as grumpy and bad tempered.

In The Books

Meet Samantha: An American Girl

Elsa is first mentioned when Samantha listens at the back door to make sure that Elsa is not there. Samantha thinks Elsa is grumpy, and doesn't want to hear a lecture from her.

Samantha's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Elsa tears down Samantha's decorations, calling them "dust catchers".

The Lilac Tunnel: My Journey with Samantha

The following information pertains under the assumption the reader has chosen to take on Ruby's identity as the laundry girl.

Elsa takes charge of teaching Ruby how to do the laundry, setting the dinner table, helping in the kitchen, and other household tasks needed to maintain Grandmary's home.

During Ruby's stay at the Edwards' household, Grandmary's new dragonfly brooch goes missing and Ruby is suspected to be the thief. Samantha thinks Elsa is the thief because Grandmary denied Elsa a raise in pay a week prior to Ruby's arrival. If Ruby agrees with Samantha's opinion, the girls will search Elsa's room and find a stack of money in a hatbox; giving the impression Elsa has stolen the brooch and sold it for quick cash.

Upon Elsa's departure from the Edwards' household, Ruby and Samantha find Grandmary's brooch in the back yard, and realize their mistake in accusing Elsa of stealing Grandmary's brooch. Both girls race to the train station to catch Elsa. Elsa says she still intends on going home and explains the money saved in the hatbox was meant to pay for her sick mother's medical bills. Samantha convinces Elsa to return to Grandmary after explaining Elsa's circumstances, and apologizes for accusing Elsa of the theft.