The Enchanted Garden PJs as seen on Willa.

The Enchanted Garden PJs is a WellieWishers outfit released in 2016. Retail cost is $20.


Short sleeved sleeping pink print top. Lapped collar; three pink non-functional buttons down front lapel. Print has images of "W" logo, the rabbit hutch, playhouse, trees, signposts, flowers, and leaves/vines. Pink ribbon trim on sleeves, collar, hem, and edge of lapel with buttons. Velcros up front.


Ankle length pajama pants. Same print as top. Pink ribbon trim on lower leg hem. Elastic waist.


Green plush/minky slippers. Embroidered with pink birds on toe (pink body, lighter pink wing and beak, green eye). Pink ribbon trim over upper toe edge. White plastic sole.

Dress Like Your Doll

The children's outfit is available:

  • Pajamas: $38
  • Slippers: $22
EnchantedGardenPJs girls


EnchantedGardenSlippers girls


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