Everyday Accessories

The Everyday Accessories are a My American Girl accessory set released in 2010 and retired in 2012. Retail cost was $24.


Pink knit cap with "U" crest embroidered on front.


Lime green binder with "Innerstar U" emblazoned on front.


Three hole-punched notebook, featuring a design of a butterfly and flowers on the front. Innerstar U's slogan, "be smart. be U", printed along the bottom. "American Girl" printed along the top with the American Girl star.

Library Card

Periwinkle library card. Innerstar U's slogan printed on the card.


Three pretend dollars.


MessengerBag girls

Girls' messenger bag.

Purple knit messenger bag with "U" crest on left front flap and stars printed on shoulder strap.


  • The girl-sized messenger bag was available for a cost of $24.
  • Although the Everyday Accessories contained items commonly seen in previous modern Meet Accessories, they were not considered Meet Accessories for the Real Me Outfit, instead being paired with the Innerstar U Outfit.

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