Fancy Shawl Outfit of Today

The Fancy Shawl Outfit of Today (also known as Kaya’s Fancy Shawl Outfit of Today) was introduced to Kaya's Collection in 2003 and retired in 2007. Retail cost was $24.


Red silk half-circle shawl. Red, yellow, and blue attached fringe. Red elastic loops for holding.


Yellow silk blouse with gathered short sleeves.


Purple silk vest with blue silk trim.


Blue rectangular kerchief.

Neck Rosette

Beaded rosette. Purple bead center surrounded by blue beads on yellow background. Red rays spreading from center. Elastic band to loop around kerchief.

Beaded Yoke

Woven white yoke with multicolored pattern of Red, yellow, purple, and blue triangle and diamonds. Three rows of small blue beads and five, large, yellow beads in center.


Purple calf-length satin skirt. Ruffled hem.


White ankle-high moccasins with fringe. White ribbons to wrap on moccasins. White woven stripe down moccasin with yellow, red, and purple diamond design.


Two beaded rosettes. Purple center surrounded by blue. Red rays on yellow background with patterned purple beads around the rim. Elastic bands to attach to braids.


Thin long yellow hair ribbons. Wrap around braids.


  • In modern pan-Native American culture, the shawl fringe is not supposed to touch the ground during the dance.

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