Felicity's Party Treats.

Felicity's Party Treats was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1992 and retired in 2005. It is associated with Happy Birthday, Felicity!. Retail cost was $28.


Two glass salvers.


Brown pretend cake with faux sugar sprinkled on top.


Five faux marzipan strawberries.

Lemon Slices

Two pretend candied lemon slices.

Orange Slices

Two pretend candied orange slices.


Four pretend fruit tarts.


Bouquet of white, pink, purple, and yellow flowers.


Five-fingered porcelain quintal vase.


Hand-painted figurine.


  • There were two variations of the figurine: one featured dark brown hair and the other featured light brown hair.
  • The dark brown haired figurine had dots going down the dress, and the light-brown haired figurine had stripes.
  • The lamb that the figurines hold were different sizes: the dark-haired figurine had a smaller lamb than the light-haired one.
  • The base for the figurines were different: the dark-haired figurine's base was an off-white cream color and featured less scrollwork than the light-haired figurine's base, and the light-haired figurine's base was also more white.

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