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Freckling on a customized doll.

Freckling is a modification to a doll to add freckles to the skin.

Dolls from AG with Freckles

Some dolls have been released with freckles from American Girl. These are:

Historical Characters/BeForever

Best Friend Characters

Girls of the Year

My American Girl/Truly Me


How to Freckle

Freckles are generally added with acrylic paint in light dots with a fine paint brush. These can be across the bridge of the nose, over the cheeks, over the entire face, and/or on the arms and legs. Care must be taken to make the freckles look natural. If freckles were added to the main body, paint might bleed into the stuffing; fabric paint is a preferred option.

The same method can be used to add single birthmarks or moles.

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