Grace's Welcome Gifts.

Grace's Welcome Gifts are part of Grace's Collection and, like her, were retired at the end of 2015. The retail cost was $32.


Box of pretend macaron cookies. Box is red with black and white trim around bottom. Clear window in front of box to show macarons inside. "La Patisserie" logo above window. Inside box are two stacks of macarons in different shades of pink.

Cookie Bag

White mesh bag with red ribbon. Inside are two Eiffel tower-shaped cookies with white and black frosting.


Bouquet of pretend pink roses with green leaves. Stems are encased in a white cone with green dots and a green stripe around edge.


Three postcards with pictures of famous Paris locations. Addressed to characters in Grace's stories.


Light pink fuzzy beret. Stylized black heart graphic embroidered on left front.


  • While Grace and her friends are stated to live in Massachusetts, the postcard seen in catalog images addressed to Ella mistakenly lists Rhode Island's postal code.
  • In early 2016, the set was sold as overstock as the Paris Welcome Gifts for $19.

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