Grandfather is Felicity Merriman's grandfather and Martha Merriman's father.


  • Name: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Occupation: Plantation owner
  • Allegiance in Revolutionary War: Loyalist
  • First Appearance: Happy Birthday, Felicity!

Family and Friends


Grandfather is a generous old man, and is kind to his family. However, he is also rather strict as well.

In the Books

Happy Birthday, Felicity!: A Springtime Story

He comes over to visit Felicity on her birthday. He gives Felicity Grandmother's old guitar and a new lamb Felicity names Posie.

Felicity Saves The Day: A Summer Story

A great deal of this story involves Felicity and the family staying at his Plantation in Yorktown.

Changes for Felicity: A Winter Story

Grandfather informs Felicity that Penny is pregnant. Later in the book, he falls ill and dies.

Gunpowder and Tea Cakes: My Journey with Felicity

In the Film

Grandfather was played by David Gardner.

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