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Grin Pins.

Grin Pins were a series of pin back buttons. These were a part of the The American Girl of Today collection in the 1990s, but targeted more towards the girls. They were released in 1995 and later retired.



Grin Pin Banner.

The pins were 1" in diameter. There were over 200 pins available which included U.S. states, positive sayings, small images, Miss AG Bear, and images of the Historical Characters. They were generally sold in packages of ten for $2 and were included as a bonus with girls' clothing.

A banner was sold separately for $12. The banner had the American Girl of Today Logo at the top and space for 143 pins.

These were phased out in the late 1990s.

Mini Grin Pins


Mini Grin Pins.

With dolls' outfits and accessories, Mini Grin Pins were included; these were ten small stickers to simulate the full sized pins.

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