Gunpowder and Tea Cakes: My Journey with Felicity is a My Journey Book that focuses on Felicity Merriman.


Only in Gunpowder and Tea Cakes

  • Captain Brandon
  • Peyton Randolph
  • Mrs. Hutchinson
  • Mrs. Kipling
  • Susan Dunmore
  • Dinah
  • Judith

Present Characters

  • Protagonist: The protagonist has just moved to Willamsburg to live with her grandmother after her mother's death. She feels treated like a baby by her overprotective father's strict rules and, while she will be a junior interpreter over the summer, does not initially think this is an exciting prospect. She is taken back in time with a miniature portrait necklace.
  • Dad: The protagonist's overprotective father. He runs a plumbing business and is a volunteer interpreter in Colonial Willamsburg. After his wife's death, he moved the protagonist to Williamsburg and they live with his mother. He was an only child. He is very strict, not allowing the protagonist to go anywhere after school that hasn't been arraigned in advance, to go with people he has not met yet, or take horseback riding lessons before she is sixteen. He is very into history and calls the protagonist "Pumpkin."
  • Mom: The protagonist's mother died last year, and the protagonist misses her a lot. She was giving the protagonist guitar lessons, baked butterscotch brownies (her husband's favorite), and encouraged the protagonist to pursue becoming a veterinarian. The protagonist never felt like she was being treated like a baby when her mother was alive.
  • Grandma: The protagonist's grandmother and Dad's mother. She owns an antiques shop. Her husband died before the protagonist was born. Grandma explains to the protagonist that her father's afraid that she'll get hurt.
  • Lauren: The protagonist's close friend. She is picking out a puppy at the shelter after school at the start, and doesn't understand why the protagonist isn't allowed to go without advance notice.
  • Amara: The protagonist's close friend. She is black and does African dance and ballet; her mother was born in Senegal.

Opening and Potential Plot Events

About Felicity's Time


  1. Felicity doesn't look at all surprised. "Many have arrived since the governor schemed to steal the colonists' gunpowder from the Magazine in the dark of night." The Gunpowder Incident occurred on April 20, 1775 and was referenced in Happy Birthday, Felicity!.
  2. Felicity is not yet reunited with Penny.

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