The Gymnastics Set as seen on Just Like You 20 and Just Like You 4.

The Gymnastics Set is an American Girl of Today outfit released in 2001 and retired in 2004. Retail cost was $30.


Purple and lavender stretch velour leotard. Silver sequined stripes from upper left to lower right. Silver sequin trim at wrists and neckline Purple AG Today logo with very light green ribbons on front left hip. Velcro back closure.


Synthetic windbreaker style dark purple pants. Elastic waistband.


Synthetic windbreaker dark purple warm-up jacket. Medium purple stripes across the chest and down sleeves with white satin ribbon accents. "American Girl" text above stripes on left chest. Elasticized sleeve cuffs and jacket hem. Functional zipper.


Plastic "silver" trophy. Figurine of gymnast in arabesque on top. Column of trophy has purple tinted holographic wrapping. "American Girl" text on front of base.


Small rose bouquet. Pink and purple silk roses on wires with florist tape. Floral tape base handle; decorated with sheer purple and white satin ribbons.

Pony Wrap

Purple and lavender windbreaker material pony wrap. Edge has silver sequin trim.


Synthetic white fabric slippers. Grey sole of slip-resistant material. Elastic opening at top.

Hand Grips

Foam and vinyl hand grips. Small hole to allow hooking the grip over doll's fingers. White wrist strap material, with purple Velcro closure.

(Image displays right grip incorrectly on back of hand instead of palm.)

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