Julie with her hairstyling set.

Hairstyling Sets are small Historical Character and BeForever accessories sets, focused on hair styling and hair accessories. These were originally released in 2014. Sets generally included one hair decoration--such as a ribbon or hair clip--and often a styling implement.

With BeForever, most sets only changed outer design; however, the focus was predominantly aligned to match Meet Outfits[1] whereas previously focuses varied. This led to color changes in Addy's and Rebecca's sets, which is noted on the article pages.

Many of these were only available for a short period before being retired, though Julie's set was integrated into her bathroom set.

List of Sets


  1. Exceptions include Kaya's which matches her Second Pow-Wow Dress; Maryellen's, which matches her pajamas, and Melody's which matches her floral dress.

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