Hallmark Items are items that have been released through Hallmark featuring American Girl Characters. These were available from 2001 until 2005 and mostly focused on the Historical Characters available.


Both the Central Series (books 1-3) and Short Stories were available with Hallmark markings and variations. See Hallmark Short Stories.


Ornaments were released for all the characters available at the time.[1]

Three series were released:

Minature ornaments based on Kit's character's keepsakes were also released.


Figurines of all eight characters were released; they were designed to resemble the dolls as they appeared on the covers of the "Meet ____" Books from 2000-2004.


A set of nine magnets with character portraits in Birthday Outfits; the center one was empty to encourage the purchaser to put their own portrait.


Snowglobes based on some of the characters were released. They had a music box in the base that play unique songs.

  • Kirsten (plays "Santa Lucia")
  • Samantha (plays "???")
  • Kit (plays "Jingle Bells")
  • Molly (plays "Silent Night")

Charms and Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet was released. Various charms for each character and her associated pet animal were sold separately:

Story Boxes

Story boxes or Mini worlds were book shaped playsets. They contained the character (in her meet outfit), a backdrop for play, reusable stickers, seven various accessories including a pet, and stands for support.


Resin bookends were available. Each was based on the Read Poster images. Bookends were not sold in pairs so the buyer could put together any preferred combination.


Fabric bookmarks were from a print of an outfit the character had and had a quote on the front (focused on reading or stories) covered in sheer tulle, and a small character charm at the end.


Purses based on some of the character's purses were released:

  • Kaya's Purse and Notecards
  • Josefina's Leather Purse and Notecards
  • Kit's Purse and Notecards


Framed images of Historical Characters, with borders resembling the portrait borders for characters. These could also hold small photos.

A Samantha and Nellie photo frame was released, resembling an image from Samantha Learns a Lesson.

Cards and Stationery Sets

Various Stationery sets and cards were released, including thank you cards.

  • Stationery Box Set
  • Deluxe Notecard Sets
  • Deluxe Stationery Set
  • Kirsten's Sewing Postalettes
  • Thank You Notecards
  • Mini Notecards

Notes from the Heart were stationery sets in heart shaped tins.


Stickers for the Historical Characters were made in 2001. There were four sheets in each pack and the stickers themselves featured the girls in their Meet poses, their initial and items based on their stories.

2003 Circle of Smiles Summer Activity

In the summer of 2003, a series of activities were available. Participants who signed up in their local Hallmark Store were given a pamphlet with the eight available Historical Characters that had games and activities listed. Once the the activities for a particular character were completed, the participant would take the booklet back to Hallmark and receive a a metal backed portrait pin with the Historical Character on it.

Once all eight activities were completed, a necklace with all eight characters was gifted.

Coconut Focused Items

Party Supplies and Favors

Various party supplies were available:

  • Historical Character Tissue Paper
  • Historical Character Gift Bags
  • Historical Character Party Balloon
  • Historical Character Tablecloth
  • Historical Character Treat Boxes
  • Historical Character Invitations



  1. Since Kaya was not given specific Holiday or birthday outfits, she is shown either in her meet outfit or Adorned Deerskin Dress.
  2. Kristen is in her Winter Skirt and Blouse and Knit Woolens.
  3. The bookmark erroneously calls the book Kaya Learns a Lesson.

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