Happy Birthday, Addy! is the fourth book in the Addy series.



Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Double Dutch

Chapter Two: Sunshine

Chapter Three: Bitter Medicine

Chapter Four: Brotherly Love

Chapter Five: Changes in the Wind

Looking Back: Growing Up in 1864

Discusses childhood and growing up during the Civil War. Topics covered:

  • Childbirth in slave families, and the lack of knowledge about good health and medical care to prevent childbirth deaths for both the newborns and their mothers.
  • Older girls and elderly women having to take care of infants while their mothers worked in the fields.
  • Friendships between slave children and the master's children, with most friendships ending as the children grew up and their lives became more separate.
  • The games and toys slave children played when they didn't work
  • Brer Rabbit, whose stories were based from African tales and are considered as an important part of American folklore.
  • Slaves developing their own marriage customs, despite laws that made marriage between slaves illegal.
  • The education of free Black children in the North, where they were not required by law to attend school.
  • Black teenagers facing prejudice from white employers while looking for jobs to help support their families.
  • Girls and women who helped the war effort by preparing food and clothing for soldiers and raising money to help wounded soldiers.
  • Reasons why many children celebrated the end of the Civil War.

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Portions of Chapter Three and Four, titled "Bitter Medicine and Brotherly Love", were excerpted in American Girl Magazine Sept/Oct 1994.