Happy Birthday, Kirsten! is the fourth book in the Kirsten series.



Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Tornado!

Chapter Two: New Babies

Chapter Three: Big Enough

Chapter Four: Party Plans

Chapter Five: Friends Come Around

Looking Back: Growing Up in 1854

Discusses childhood in pioneer America. Topics covered:

  • The role midwives played in assisting childbirth on the frontier
  • Child mortality due to lack of medicine
  • Dangers children faced around their home, such as burning themselves from fire or falling down stairs
  • Instilling obedience in children to stay away from dangers - a common technique parents used in lieu of safety measures
  • Typical children's clothing of the time - most children dressed in miniature versions of adult clothing
  • Children's roles with regards to household operations, from gathering eggs and wood chips for young children to assisting parents around the house and on the field for older children
  • Recreation activities and social get-togethers on the frontier to make work fun
  • Inexpensive, practical, or homemade presents pioneer children might have received for gifts
  • The freedom afforded to pioneer girls to express themselves compared to their mothers
  • Societal expectations of girls when they turned fifteen or sixteen

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