Hawaiian Monk Seal.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal is part of Kanani's Collection and, like her, was retired at the end of 2011. The retail cost was $18.


Gray plush Hawaiian monk seal pup.


Daily breeze

Miniature newspaper.

4-page miniature newspaper dated June 22, 2011.


  • $1 of every Hawaiian Monk Seal sold (up to $100,000 maximum) was donated to the National Wildlife Foundation to help raise awareness about endangered animals.
  • While the newspaper article refers to the monk seal as a male, the seal is referred multiple times as a female in Aloha, Kanani and named Malana,[1] a female name.[2]


  1. Aloha, Kanani, pg. 72: "How about Malana?" Kanani said. "In Hawaiian it means 'floating,' or 'one who floats.'"
  2. Meaning of "Malana"

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