Hoops Outfits and Accessories.

The Hoops Outfits and Accessories (also known as Julie's Hoops Outfit) was introduced to Julie's Collection in 2007 and was retired in 2009. It is associated to the book Julie Tells Her Story; unlike the other Historical Characters, Julie's school collection focuses more on her basketball team. Retail cost was $32.


Light green basketball jersey. Dark blue and white trim. White silhouette of jaguar on front; "Jaguars" and the number "22" written over it in dark blue.


Dark blue thigh high gym shorts.


Striped white knee high socks with dark blue border.


White tennis shoes. Two dark blue stripes and white laces.


Terrycloth light green headband.


Blue, white, and red basketball.

Finger Splint

Silver finger splint, with two white bands. Slides onto finger.

Gym Bag

Orange gym bag. Dark blue trim and handles. Rainbow at bottom; "#22" and "alley oop" with a curved line underneath the two os, making a smiley face.

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