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Hula for the Home Front: A Nanea Classic Volume 2 is the second volume of Nanea's series.



Only in Hula for the Home Front

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Lauhala Family

Chapter Two: Right-Hand Girl

Chapter Three: Poster Problems

Chapter Four: Tootsie Pop Wishes

Chapter Five: Dixie's Story

Chapter Six: New Tricks

Chapter Seven: Dogs for Defense

Chapter Eight: Explosions in the Night

Chapter Nine: No Laughing Matter

Chapter Ten: Air Raid!

Chapter Eleven: Another Chance

Chapter Twelve: Presenting Hula Dog

Chapter Thirteen: A Shot in the Arm

Chapter Fourteen: All Fired Up

Chapter Fifteen: A Birthday Mystery

Chapter Sixteen: Big Problems

Chapter Seventeen: David's Birthday

Chapter Eighteen: Victory!

Chapter Nineteen: Good-byes and Good Deeds

Inside Nanea's World

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