Ice Cream Freezer.

The Ice Cream Freezer was introduced to Addy's Collection in 1994. It was later included in Samantha's Collection in 1998. The item was retired as a stand alone item in 2008 and included in the newly released Addy's Ice Cream Set. It is associated with the books Happy Birthday, Addy! and Happy Birthday, Samantha!. Retail cost was $22.

Wooden old-style ice cream maker. Wooden barrel with metal and wood handle. Removable inner metal well with dasher and lid. Metal and wood crank handle. Wooden crosspiece to hook over inner well.


IceCreamFreezer booklet

The instructions shown with the freezer.

Included instructions for making a small amount of ice cream using whipped cream. These were phased out later on.


  • This was the first accessory released that was a "working" accessory, as ice cream can authentically be made in the item.

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