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Ivy Ling
Nickname(s) Poison Ivy
Gender Female
Born February 28, 1966
Series location San Francisco, CA
First appearance Meet Julie
Father Mr. Ling
Mother Marilyn Ling
Sibling(s) Andrew Ling

Missy Ling

Grandparents Gung Gung

Po Po

Friends and Minor Characters


Julie Albright

"Ivy" redirects here. For the doll, see Ivy Ling (doll).

Ivy Ling was the fourth Best Friend released; she is the "Best Friend" of Julie Albright.

In May 2014 American Girl announced that they would archive Ivy's entire collection; she and her collection were later archived in August 2014. Ivy's book remains available for purchase.

Personality and Facts

Ivy Ling (nicknamed "Poison Ivy" by Julie) is a ten-year-old Chinese American girl who wants to make her family proud. She loves gymnastics and hates to mess up in front of a crowd. Although Ivy seems to have a deep connection to her Chinese heritage, Chinese school is somewhat boring to her and she doesn't like to eat Chinese food every single day. But by the end of her book, Good Luck, Ivy, Ivy learns the value of having Chinese background. Ivy has a larger family than Julie. Ivy often doesn't understand Julie's bouts into trying to change the world.

American Girl characterizes her as "talented" and "lucky."

Family and Friends


  • Mr. Ling: Ivy's father, who expects his children to do their best.
  • Marilyn Ling: Ivy's mother, who is studying to become a lawyer.
  • Andrew Ling: Ivy's older brother who idolizes Bruce Lee and studies kung fu.
  • Missy Ling: Ivy's little sister who is three years old. She owns a beat-up stuffed lion named Roary.
  • Gung Gung: Ivy's grandfather, who owns a Chinese restaurant, The Happy Panda.
  • Po Po: Ivy's gentle grandmother.



Good Luck, Ivy

In Julie's Series

Ivy plays a major role in most of Julie's books, the most prominent being Happy New Year, Julie!, The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter, and Lost in the City.


Main article: Ivy Ling (doll)

The Ivy doll.

  • Face Mold: Jess Mold (slight modifications at eyes)
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Black, straight, shoulder length, bangs
  • Eyes: Decal Brown
Ivy has decal brown eyes, which are different from the standard brown used on most dolls. The only other doll that these have been used on is Samantha Parkington.

Meet Outfit

  • Pink and green cowl-neck top
  • Green twill pants
  • Tan boots
  • Yellow-green underwear with a rainbow print

Meet Accessories

  • Magenta beret
  • Denim bag
  • Gold chandelier earrings
  • Chinese coin


See: Ivy's Collection


  • Ivy was the first Asian character from the Historical Characters line, but not the first Asian character to have her own doll; Chou Spring Pearl (of the Girls of Many Lands line) and Jess McConnell (of the Girls of the Year line) preceded her.
  • Ivy's hair is long at the start of Julie's series and is cut short in Happy New Year, Julie!; American Girl gave the doll shoulder-length hair.
  • Ivy has a very small collection compared to the other dolls, only having two additional outfits. She has no pajamas as most of the historical dolls do, and did not receive a mini doll until 2011.
  • While it is never stated what Chinese dialect Ivy's family speaks with, much of the romanized terminology used in Julie's series points to Taishanese as it was the predominant variant of the Cantonese dialect of 19th- and 20th-century immigrants.[1]


  1. Young Americans find roots in China;, referenced December 26, 2010.

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