Janet Beeler Shaw is the author of the Kaya and Kirsten books in The American Girls Collection. She has published two books of poetry‚ a collection of short fiction‚ and an adult novel‚ Taking Leave. Her short stories have also been published in magazines‚ including The Atlantic MonthlyRedbook‚ and McCall’s.


Shaw was born in Springfield, Illinois. She received an associate's degree from Stephens College in 1957, a bachelor's degree from Goucher College in 1959, and a master's degree from Cleveland State University in 1975.[1] She lives in Asheville‚ North Carolina.

American Girl Books



Other Books

  • Taking Leave
  • Well-Kept Secrets (Ambersand Castle #1)
  • The Mystique of Ambersand (Ambersand Castle #2)
  • From Cyberspace to Pyramids (Ambersand Castle #3)

See also


  1. - Shaw, Janet 1987-

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